Ambassador Huang Xilian: China firmly opposes a possible visit to Taiwan region of China by Speaker Pelosi of the United States House of Representatives
2022-08-02 19:36

On 2 August 2022, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian expressed China’s firm opposition to a possible visit to Taiwan region of China by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the United States House of Representatives during an interview by SMNI TV news and World News.

Ambassador Huang said, it was reported that Speaker Pelosi of the US House of Representatives may pay a visit to Taiwan region of China during her trip to Asia. China has made solemn representation to the US side on multiple occasions and publicly expressed our strong objection to such a potential visit. 

Ambassador Huang pointed out that, China firmly opposes any official exchange or visit between the US and Taiwan region of China. This position is clear and consistent. There is only one China in the world. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory. The government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China. The one-China principle is the political foundation of the diplomatic relations between China and 181 countries in the world, including the US. It is also at the core of the three Sino-US joint communiqués. The US made a solemn commitment to China that the US pursues a one-China policy and does not support “Taiwan independence”. The US side also promised that the American people will maintain cultural, commercial, and other unofficial relations with the people of Taiwan. 

As one of the three branches of the US government, the US Congress should adhere to the one-China policy. Speaker Pelosi is second in the US presidential line of succession. A visit by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives at any time in whatever name is by no means unofficial exchange between the United States and Taiwan region of China. Should Speaker Pelosi insist on making a visit to Taiwan region in disregard of China’s strong objection, such a visit will seriously violate the one-China principle and the stipulations in the three Sino-US joint communiqués, seriously harm China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, seriously undermine the political foundation of China-US relations, seriously jeopardize peace and stability across the Taiwan strait, and send a gravely wrong signal to “Taiwan independence” separatist forces. As we have made clear, should the US side insist on doing so, China will take strong and resolute measures to safeguard our sovereignty and territorial integrity. The US side and “Taiwan independence” separatist forces must assume full responsibility for any ensuing consequences.

The one-China principle is an international consensus and universally recognized basic norm governing international relations. It is also the political foundation of China-Philippines relations. It is our hope that the Philippine side will strictly abide by the one-China principle and handle all Taiwan-related issues with prudence to ensure sound and steady development of China-Philippines relations.

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