The Philippine DFA Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of China-Philippines Diplomatic Relations
2010-06-06 09:57

On 3 June, the launching ceremony of the Philippine edition of commemorative cover and a themed photo exhibition in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of China-Philippines diplomatic relations were held at Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines. The Chinese Ambassador Liu Jianchao was invited to deliver remarks together with Foreign Secretary Alberto G. Romulo to mark the events.


In his remarks, Ambassador Liu said that, "There is no doubt these events would not only stand testimony to amity between our two coutnries, they would also be appealing to our two peoples, more specifically, both Chinese and Philippine stamp collectors and photography lovers."


"With all that has taken place since 1975, one is often led to conclude that China-Philippines friendship has been going on for much, much longer. The past 35 years witnessed political trust continuously enhanced between our two countries, trade increaed by a huge margin, economic cooperation expanded in various fields with concrete results, cultural exchanges significantly enriched and mutual understanding between the two peoples greatly deepened." He added.  


Ambassador Liu looked forward to a better tomorrow of China-Philippines relationship by saying, "Now that the bridge of friendship between our two countries stands firm and steady, China looks forward to the future with a sense of commitment to march with the Philippines in the attainment of peace and prosperity."


Secreatry Romulo began his remarks by singing high praise for the great achievements made in China-Philippines friendly relations and cooperation in the past 35 years. He said that the Philippines and China have been good neighbors and good friends for more than 1000 years and the amity is something that has been deeply rooted in the two peoples. He specially metioned that China always stands out as a friend in need when the Philippines runs into difficulities such as natural disasters. He also lauded the cooperation between the two countries on the issue of South China Sea, which in fact contributed to regional peace, stability and development.


He also stressed that "The Philippines attaches great importance to developing friendly relations with China. The Philippine side would be more than willing to work with the Chinese side to further expand high-level exchanges and people-to-people interactions so as to ensure China-Philippines strategic and cooperative relationship to flourish with sustaining strength.


After the launching ceremony, both Ambassador Liu and Secretary Romulo took great interests in appreciating the photos depicting 35 moments of amity and sincerity in the history of China-Philippines relations.


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