China's Medical Relief to Yolanda-hit Areas in Full Swing
1500-odd patients treated in Yolanda-hit areas(Updated Nov 28, 2013)
2013-11-29 16:48


1. The Peace Ark Hospital Ship has received more than 100 patients as of Nov 27. Medical teams from the Hospital Ship have set up field hospitals in Palo, Leyte to treat patients and transfer those with severe illness to the ship for operations or further treatment. They are also ready to treat patients transferred by local public hospitals and other foreign medical teams. At the same time, they send medical teams and an epidemic prevention team deep into the communities in the disaster areas to carry out treatment and anti-epidemic work.

On Nov. 27, the epidemic prevention teams have collected and analysed several samples of the drinking water. A report will be finalized and forwarded to the Philippine Office of WHO and Department of Health of the Philippines.

On the same day, a medical team sent out by the Peace Ark made a visit to temporary shelter for victims, and found a 7-day old baby suffering from Neonatal cyst. They immediately transferred this baby to the hospital ship by the Shipborne Helicopter.

On board the Peace Ark are more than 100 doctors, 200 supporting personnel, and 35 tons of medical supplies. As the first 10,000-ton-class hospital ship in the world, this medical ship is equipped with 217 types and 2406 units of advanced medical systems including CT scan room, digital X-ray photographic studio, blood bank, oxygen generation station, compressed air system, pharmacy, etc. Peace Ark is equipped with 300 ward beds of various types, including 20 ICU ward beds, 109 ward beds for serious injury, 67 burn ward beds, 94 regular ward beds, 10 beds of quarantine ward. There is also tele-medicine diagnostic system and three lifts with special specifications for transferring the wounded onboard.

2. The medical team of more than 50 doctors and nurses sent out by the Ministry of Public Health of China has received 459 patients since they set up medical tents in Abuyog City of Leyte Province on November 24. On Nov. 26, they helped restore the power supply of Abuyog City Hospital. This team has brought 6 tons of medical supplies with them.

3. Two medical teams from Red Cross Society of China (RCSC), which is composed of more than 30 members, have treated more than 1030 patients in disaster areas. Their Search and Rescue Team have found 42 remain of local victims.

On Nov. 26, they were told that there were about 150 villagers suffering from diarrhea in Villa De San Juan Bagaday, a barangay in Tacloban city. They attached great importance and reported to the Philippine Red Cross Society immediately. With the PRCS's consent, they went to that village for epidemiological investigation on Nov. 27, and sent the samples to

Peace Ark for further analysis, which is later confirmed as ordinary enteritis. They have given the patients treatment and asked the departments concerned for a test of the drinking water. At the same time, they found there is a great need for medical service in that village, and decided to give an itinerant medical service for all the villagers.

The Chinese embassy has sent out 7 diplomats to stay with the medical teams to ensure the smooth operations of all the medical teams. They demonstrated their solicitudes to the victims in the disaster-hit areas and the Philippine people by working tirelessly as volunteers and interpreters.

4. The 3 payloaders(P7.5 million worth) donated by the Association of Chinese Companies in the Philippines is expected to be turned over to the Philippine Red Cross Society on next Monday, they are expected to be of some help in the clean-up of the disaster areas.

▲ A cargo of P37.8 million worth of supplies, including 2000 tents, 2000 sleeping bags, medicine and medical devices donated by RCSC has arrived at Cebu on Nov. 21 and been turned over to their Philippine counterpart.

▲ The 73 million Pesos worth of aids that the Chinese government pledged, which are composed of 10,000 blankets and 2,600 tents with each holds a capacity of 6-10 people, has delivered to the Philippine side on Nov. 19. (Please see the attached picture)

China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, a well-known NGO named after the late Chinese Honorary President, is busy preparing 200 mobile houses(P22.4 million worth) to donate to disaster aream.

▲ Chinese Companies in the Philippines are also taking part in the rehabilitation efforts. Huawei Co., an international frontrunner of telecom industry, has been working on day and night in restoring the lifeline of communication in typhoon-affected areas. After Typhoon Yolanda caused massive breakdown to its operation network, the company immediately assessed the losses, set up team of experts, and sent more than a dozen engineers to Tacloban with much-needed facilities. With their hard work, Huawei successfully helped bring the telecommunication networks of PLDT, SMART, and GLOBE in the disaster areas back to normal, thus ensured the normal operation of communications networks in the disaster-hit areas.

China National Grid Co., the technical partner of National Grid Corporation of the Philippines(NGCP) has donated $100,000 to disaster area. It also contributes a lot in restoring the power system of the Typhoon-hit areas. It is now sending technical expert teams to the Philippines, to join NGCP's post-disaster rebuilding efforts and work out a faster restoration of the power grids in the disaster areas.

The Yinyi INC., a mining company based in Eastern Samar, where the typhoon severely devastated, also offered help. It generously granted its storage of food, water and other supplies to the local people, and used all its equipments such as payloaders to clear roads, and donated its diesel stockpile to support the relief work. The company has raised P250,000 worth of cash, food, medicine and clothes, and will donate to GMA Kapuso funds and ABS-CBN funds.

▲ Mr. Liang Wen-chong, the former Asian Tour No. 1 donated half of his first-place purse of US$135,000 - US$67,500 or close to P3 million - to the victims of typhoon Yolanda after winning the Resorts World Manila Masters."I am very sorry about the typhoon that happened last week. I've decided to donate 50 percent of my winnings this week to Red Cross as a form of respect and gesture to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)," Mr. Liang Said.

▲ The Chinese Embassy has been working round clock to facilitate the relief efforts. Moreover, it joined the Government's efforts in donating P1.2 million worth of emergency supplies, including radios, emergency lights and flashlights to Leyte and Samar directly. The diplomats in the Embassy organized a donation for the Filipino staff who are from the Typhoon hit areas.

China suffered from the same Super Typhoon as well, which affected 4 million people and has caused huge losses and some casualties. The Chinese people are empathetic with the hardships the Philippine people are facing. After Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yi extended their condolences respectively to Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and Foreign Minister Albert Del Rosario. The Chinese government and its Red Cross Society delivered $200,000 emergency remittance assistance to the Philippines. The relevant Chinese organizations are following closely the relief operations and will make due assessment of further assistance to the needs of the Philippine people.

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