Yang Jiechi Attends ASEAN Plus China, Japan and ROK Foreign Ministers' Meeting
2011-07-21 15:20

On July 21, 2011, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi attended the ASEAN Plus China, Japan and ROK (10+3) Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Bali, Indonesia and delivered a speech.

Yang noted that the 10+3 cooperation has made positive progress in terms of width and depth in recent years thanks to the concerted efforts of ASEAN and China, Japan and South Korea. All parties should maintain the sound momentum of the cooperation. He raised the following proposals on the 10+3 cooperation in the future: first, make better use of the 10+3 cooperation as the main cooperation channel in East Asia, build greater mutual benefits among the 10+3 countries and boost regional prosperity. Next year marks the 15th anniversary of the 10+3 cooperation which China suggests to use as an opportunity to hold celebrations in order to inject new vigor into the cooperation; second, achieve more pragmatic results of the 10+3 cooperation. China expects to continue to strengthen the effectiveness of the Chiang Mai Initiative multilateralization and make substantial steps to build the East Asia Free Trade Area (FTA). China will commit US$1 million to set up a special fund on the East Asia FTA. Cooperation on East Asia food security should be discussed, the 10+3 rice emergency reserve agreement should be signed as soon as possible and the cooperation on science and technology, culture, health, environmental protection and disaster relief should be expanded; third, support ASEAN integration through the 10+3 cooperation. China wants to step up cooperation with Japan and South Korea to become the close partners to help ASEAN narrow down the development gap, strengthen the interconnectivity and achieve sustainable development; fourth, use think-tanks to actively plan the future of the 10+3 cooperation. The Network of East Asian Think-tanks (NEAT) over the years has raised many targeted and forward-looking suggestions on pushing forward the 10+3 pragmatic cooperation. China will consider the suggestions carefully and seek support for hosting the 9th East Asia Forum.

Concerning the development of regional structure in East Asia, Yang said that in East Asia and Asia Pacific there coexist multiple regional cooperation mechanisms each of which has unique advantages and should continue to supplement each other and seek common development. Development remains to be the primary task of East Asian countries. East Asia cooperation should be open and inclusive and ASEAN should continue to play a leading role in the process of the cooperation.

Foreign ministers of ASEAN member states and Japan and South Korea recalled the progress the 10+3 cooperation had achieved in the fields of finance, trade and economy, culture, disaster management, food security, environmental protection and climate change. They agree that the 10+3 cooperation, covering a wide range of areas and boasting fruitful results, has become one of the most dynamic cooperation mechanisms in East Asia and the core of the regional cooperation. ASEAN member states appreciate the efforts and contributions China, Japan and South Korea have made. All parties expect to push forward the 10+3 cooperation and boost the regional peace, stability and development. They also exchanged opinions on the regional and international issues of common concern and expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting.

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