Spokesperson on Philippine navy going aboard 10 Chinese fishing boats near the Huang Yan Island(20/03/2001)
2004-04-08 15:56

Q: It is reported that Philippine navy went aboard 10 Chinese fishing boats near the Huang Yan Island last week and confiscated some fishing equipment and catches. The Philippine side criticized that the Chinese fishing boats had conducted fishing activities prohibited by the international community. What is your comment on this?

A:  The Huang Yan Island is an innate part of the Chinese territory. The waters around the Huang Yan Island is a traditional fishing area for Chinese fishermen. The fishing work of the Chinese fishermen in the waters near the Huang Yan Island is proper and normal. The Philippine side has no right whatsoever to go aboard the Chinese boats in the waters around the Huang Yan Island for inspection and take any measure. The Chinese side has already made representations to the Philippine side concerning this matter. The Chinese law prohibits fishermen from catching fish through methods that are not conducive to the protection of the sea environment and animals in the sea and prohibits them from catching turtles and collecting corals. The Chinese Government has always attached importance to the protection of sea ecological environment and fishery resources and strictly observed the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Wild Flora and Fauna. As to any possible illegal activities of fishing boats, the Chinese Government will investigate and prosecute in accordance with law.

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